The main objectives of the project are the following ones:

  • To optimize semi-field and laboratory experimental methods, as well as to seek the possibilities to develop standardized procedures, for determining the leaching of active ingredients from biocidal products or PT7 (film preservatives) and PT10 (masonry preservatives) product types.
  • To determine the ecotoxicity of the leachates obtained in the semi-field and laboratory studies, and to correlate the results between them and with the ecotoxicological data obtained from the pure formulated product.
  • To publish open literature with guidelines to perform environmental risk evaluation of the protective products PT7 and PT10 with a view to its possible registration.
  • To start the work necessary to develop standardized procedures to experimentally determine leaching from PT7 and PT10 biocidal products.

Leaching Bastidores Verticales

Daphnia Magna

Ensayo Plantas Terrestres