The goal of LIFE BIOREG is to shed light to the performance of risk assessment for product type PT7 (film preservatives) and PT10 (masonry preservatives), that will be the next ones to be studied and authorized under the biocidal products legislation, the Biocidal Products Directive, BPD, (98/8/EC) and the Biocidal Product Regulation, BPR, recently approved (UE 528/2012). Both legislations establish the necessity to ensure a high and harmonized level of protection of human and animal health and of the environment.

An interdisciplinary team formed of chemist, biologist, forest engineers and standardization specialists has joined through LIFE BIOREG in order to obtain a reliable methodology to study leaching of the biocidal products, to determine the ecotoxicity of these products, to establish the more relevant factors affecting risk assessment and finally, to study the possibilities of setting up a normalized procedure for leaching test.


The main expected result of the project is an improvement in the nowadays situation to determine the environmental risk associated to biocidal products during use, combined with a broad diffusion of the obtained results the both regulatory authorities and affected industry.

LIFE BIOREG is developed with the contribution of the LIFE financial instrument of the European Union, under Grant Agreement nº LIFE12 ENV/ES/000814 for the period 2013-07-01 to 2016-06-30.